A wedding DJ stands behind a group of 20 vigilante groups patrolling the canal to repel migrant boats attempting to enter the UK.

Jeremy Davis of Wolverhampton says he has participated in two “missions” off the coast of Dover.


Jeremy Davis led a group of men who tried to get migrant boats to turn backPhoto credit: YouTube


Record numbers of people who have fled their home countries have tried to get to the UK this yearPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty

He claims he was among a mob of 20 others, boat owners and former soldiers who wore night vision goggles to track down people trying to cross the border.

The DJ listens to messages from the police and coast guard for clues after setting up a website called Little Boats.

He said his goal was to get the government to stop boats passing over from France.

He told the Times, “Keyboard warriors are getting nowhere, demonstrations are useless.

“We don’t want to run around disturbing cities, but we’re going to do a few things that ruffle the feathers.”

Married Mr Davis, in his 50s, has previously lived in Portugal and Wales.

He said the group failed to get four migrant ships to turn around.

The website says: “We are secretly sending targeted patrols into the canal to safely repel illegal undocumented migrants in boats that come to our coast until the government finally takes action.”


A Home Office spokesman said: “There is no excuse under any circumstances to harass those arriving in the UK.

“Members of the public should report unusual or suspicious activity to their local police force and should not take direct action against any individual or group.”

Hundreds of attempts to cross the river have been made in the past few months due to the calm and good weather.

And charities have blamed the “forcible” clearing of migrant camps by French police for fueling the canal crossings.


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It is believed that 200 migrants arrived on boats off the Kent coast yesterday, up over 6,000 this year.

Millions of people fled their war-torn home countries in large numbers and came to Europe in 2015, sparking a migrant crisis as many attempted dangerous crossings and settled in overcrowded refugee camps.

Desperate migrants have made lethal efforts in recent weeks to reach the UK – using pedal boats, kayaks and paddle boards – with one group attempting to cross in a paddling pool using wooden boards for oars.


He tweeted about the “missions” and the hope that they “build up”Photo credit: TwitterThe DJ leads the group movement


The DJ leads the group movementPhoto credit: FacebookThe wedding DJ said he will be on patrol until the government acts


The wedding DJ said he will be on patrol until the government actsPhoto credit: FacebookThe Coast Guard has been working to safely help those who pass in makeshift boats


The Coast Guard has been working to safely help those who pass in makeshift boatsCredit: AFP or Licensor200 migrants arrive TODAY on British shores in scenes of “absolute chaos” that the authorities have left “overwhelmed”

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