Houston weddings aboard Star Fleet Yachts for up to 150 guests

Our wedding yachts offer an exciting alternative to traditional Houston wedding venues and venues.

The number of wedding cruises sold in Houston in the first four months of the year rose 65% from the same period last year at Star Fleet Yachts in Kemah. “I believe that in a difficult economic climate, brides are forced more than ever to seek value and convenience.” said Tom Lober, President and Marketing Director of Star Fleet.

The themes of “value” and “convenience” have been the focus of Star Fleet’s bridal marketing in recent years. As a result, couples can choose a convenient all-inclusive wedding package and then receive a 30-page wedding planning guide and wedding coordinator to assist them with the various activities on their special day. “As the mother of the bride, it was a lot less stressful for me as Star Fleet did all the work.” said Debbie Satterlee, whose daughter recently got married on board a Star Fleet yacht.

That strategy has paid off for Star Fleet, whose wedding sales have skyrocketed recently. “Our wedding yachts offer an exciting alternative to traditional Houston wedding venues and venues.” says Lober. “We offer a unique wedding experience that you cannot find anywhere else and brides who research the market are realizing the incredible value that wedding yachts offer.”

Star Fleet offers afternoon and evening wedding packages, as well as bespoke weddings for couples who want to choose from several options. “Our goal is to save the brides time and energy by bundling the most popular wedding features over the years into one convenient package. Not only does it save the brides the headache of putting their cruise together, but it’s also much easier for our sales reps.

The Gold Afternoon Wedding Package includes a three hour wedding cruise with an additional half an hour before the cruise for the wedding ceremony, which will be conducted by the captain of the yacht. Prices start at $ 65 per guest and include the cruise, lunch, and beverage service, as well as basic items chosen by most brides.

Star Fleet is offering the Platinum Evening Wedding Package with prices starting at $ 99 per guest. Popular on Saturday nights, this four-hour wedding cruise includes heavy appetizers, free beer, wine, and champagne, and a variety of premium cruise options.

Sailing into the sunset on your own private yacht is an experience you cannot get anywhere else. One of the advantages of a yacht wedding is that the ceremony and reception take place in the same location. The guests do not have to drive from one place to the next and certainly cannot leave the party early. There’s nothing like driving past the bow of your wedding yacht on the Kemah Boardwalk while thousands of visitors cheer you on and congratulate you on your special day. For those who want even more excitement, Star Fleet recommends classic white Mardi Gras pearls to toss at onlookers ashore.

About Star Fleet Yachts

Star Fleet Yachts in Kemah, Texas has four yachts that are used for corporate events, Houston weddings, and special occasions. They also offer Kemah Dinner Cruises, where individuals can purchase tickets for holidays and special events. Star Fleet is one of the largest and oldest private charter yacht companies on the Gulf Coast.


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