DJ Tiesto explains the origin of his name and how he got into music – listen now!

You probably know that Tiesto is not the real name of the famous DJ, but do you know where this name comes from?

The 52-year-old music star spoke about the origins of his name and his entry into the music world when he appeared on the latest episode of the Spout podcast.

“So it’s really something that I made up. It was like a trend in the nineties that all Dutch DJs wanted to sound Italian. So we all put it like an “O” behind us
our name. Barcelo. Gizmo. Tiesto. You know it was just one thing. And then it got stuck, ”he said.

TiestoThe real name is Tijs Michiel Verwest.

During the interview, he was also asked why he wanted to become a DJ. He said, “Well, just the joy of playing music for other people. To me, it’s like making someone dinner and they really appreciate it. For me I play a song with music and you see the surprise on people’s faces or like, “Wow, that’s so great,” you know? So I started out as a birthday and wedding DJ, as a high school DJ. “

Tiesto gives an incredible insight into his life and career in the full spout interview. Listen down below!

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