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On September 5th, 2009 I provided my services at a Quinceanera in the beautiful and Elegant Nassau Bay Hilton. The room by itself is very elegant and has a great view of the water. So the place was set, all I had to do is come in with my up lighting and place it strategically around the room.

The family was very close and very positive, just by meeting them you could get a sense of how great their family values were.  That’s important because you, as a wedding vendor, rarely see the whole family at the initial and every other meeting that you have with the clients…

Well on my previous post I provided pictures of the uplighting at the Nassau Bay Hilton for the Quinceanera, and although the pictures do a good job of providing a view of the elegance that these lights add to any event, I think video is the best way to portray that elegance and to get a great essence of the feeling that you get from attending an event where up lighting is provided.

So here is the reason the Quinceanera’s Father was speechless at the end of the event…

If you want to see the video in it’s full size, click on the video above or go to the Quinceanera Dances, Mix, and Uplighting in Houston video’s home page on

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