Caring Takes Time

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This phrase popped into my head not too long ago, after taking the “Love Story Workshop”, given here in Houston by Mark and Rebecca Ferrell, of The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. This is applicable to EVERYTHING and it may even sound like a cliché, one of those expressions you hear so often, and don’t bother to pay attention to.

So why write about it? And why is important in the Wedding and Quinceañera Entertainment Industry? How can it be used for positive results in anything you do?

I asked myself those exact questions as I sat there and pondered over the phrase. “Caring takes time.” The more I thought about it, and made sense, the more I came across other clichés;

  • Birds of a feather flock together
  • You are responsible for your own actions
  • You make your bed, lie in it
  • If you sleep with dogs you’ll wake up with fleas
  • you must save for a rainy day
  • If the shoe fits, wear it
  • What goes around will come back around
  • Respect is not given its earned
  • To have friends you have to learn to be a friend
  • Do unto others like you want them to do unto you…

You get the idea. Those phrases we hear that we usually say; “yea, yea, yea, whatever!” Or we just think “I’ve heard that before.” Or simply ignore to hear them after the first few words.

In doing weddings and quinceaneras, I found out that the more I took the time to know the people whose party I was organizing, the better the parties came out. Common sense, right? So why is it so hard to do?

Now I wasn’t trained by any DJ, so I did not know better at first, and like any begginer DJ, I was under the impression that my clients hired me to “Just Play Music” and “it was their fault if anything went wrong, everything was unorganized, or announcements came out in the wrong order.” Surely the customer knows exactly what they want and they know how to explain to the DJ what they want, right?

Well all those assumptions are incorrect. As a DJ, you are the Professional, you are the one who’s been to many events, you are the one who should have suggestions on how to organize any event, you are the one who should give options to your clients, and you are the one who should make sure that EVERYTHING comes out perfect.

And guess what…—– All that takes time.

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