Dancing on a Cloud La Fontaine

Dancing on a Cloud at La Fontaine VIP at Tidwell (4k)

Dancing on a Cloud at La Fontaine VIP at Tidwell along with snap shot of the Monogram at the end. This is a full video of how the Dancing on a Clouds comes out at the venue, La Fontaine VIP on Tidwell.

There is a lot of Air Draft due to the very strong Air Conditioners, howerver, we did fire the Dancing on a Cloud 3 times to make sure the Cloud effect lasted throughout the song, giving Video and Photography people enough time to get the most beautiful shots possible for this memorable First Dance!

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Wedding Venue: La Fontaine VIP on Tidwell

Dancing on a Cloud at La Fontaine VIP Timeline

0:53 Dancing on a Cloud Starts
4:21 First Dance Ends
4:41 View of the DJ Booth Provided by DJ Cool Raul and Monogram projection.

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