The Carriage House Wedding Venue Review by Houston DJ Francisco

This past Sunday was my second time providing DJ, UpLighting, Monogram, Ceremony and Bilingual Master of Ceremonies services at The Carriage House Wedding Venue in Conroe Texas.

The venue is really elegant and beautiful, a perfect blank canvas for a wedding out in the country and far away from the city.

It has a rustic touch and feel perfect for a country wedding or a decor that calls for a rustic look and feel. There are many decorations that consist of old antique desks being used as tables for decor.

One was used for the cake table,  another was used as an outdoor bar.

The ceremony area is very beautiful as well. It’s outdoors, just a few steps away from the reception area. It’s also right next to a pond with a fountain in the middle. When turned on, the fountain fills the air with natural, relaxing ambient of the water falling back into the pond.

The Carriage House – Ceremony Area

The bride and groom set up their table under an indoor arch that was decorated with natural flowers and greenery of their choice, as well as a chandelier for a romantic and intimate dinner.

The mood of the night was Family Fun. Everyone from grandmother and grandfather to the youngest of children enjoyed the day. There was lot’s of Laughter, a few tears of Joy, and great words of advice from friends and family. From the Ceremony where the officiant got a phone call in the middle of the ceremony, which he played off perfectly, pretending it was the bride calling to remind everyone to turn off their cell phones. To the toasts which were emotional and insightful into the lives of the bride and groom.

Everything was just perfect.

The staff at the Carriage house is very accommodating and very friendly. It was a real joy to be a part of the team that evening.

Dancing was great, the ice was broken well before guests entered the reception area and it felt like the Family Fun atmosphere carried into the dances.

The Bride’s dance with father included a dance with the grandfather and an open invitation for all the fathers to dance with their daughters. It was a beautiful turnout.

The Groom’s mother and son dance broke out into the chicken dance half way into their song and everyone was invited to join in the fun.

The day was absolutely lovely and perfect for everyone.

The Carriage House gets our recommendation as a venue that we’d love to be back to work at again. You’re sure to have a great time out there.

Happy Planning!

Francisco Perez


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