Venezuelan Hora loca in Pearland Wedding DJ Video Fun 2016

Southwyck Country Club DJ in Houston Wedding

Venezuelan Hora Loca or Crazy Hour at a Wedding

A little over a month ago I was visited Southwyck Country Club in Pearland for the first time. (Google Search Results for Southwyck Country Club in Pearland)

The staff there was very helpful the day of the wedding and they even allowed a time for me and the bride to come into the venue a few weeks prior to the event so we can discuss the layout and where the DJ Should be placed. This was very helpful for the wedding planning.

La Hora Loca DJ Near Pearland

Southwyck Country Club is a golf club and has an area for the ceremony, which is outdoors, and an area for the reception which is an indoor venue that holds approximately 150-200 Guests, by my estimates.

The wedding ceremony was very beautiful, full of love, laughter, and great memories…

The wedding reception was also a great time for everyone involved. This was a lively group and danced just about at anything I threw their way.

They loved dancing and that is very evident by the video we took that night.
It is also great to receive a positive Houston Wedding DJ Review from our clients always I even wrote an article about it.

In this video, you will see La Hora Loca, or the Crazy Hour, which is a time where party props are passed out to all the guests and they have an over-the-top crazy time! Most of it was also captured on the video shot by the DJ.

Here is the Wedding Video for this event at the Southwyck Country Club in Pearland.

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