Marriott-Sugar Land  Hotel and Conference Center

This was a lovely place to hold a wedding. They have many rooms to chose from to accommodate any sized wedding from 50 ppl to over 500 people. The place is beautiful inside as well as the surrounding environment. Located right in the middle of the rustic Sugar Land Town Square. Beautiful scenery and many shops nearby including a Starbucks right next door to it.

Marriott Sugarland Hotel Wedding DJ Pictures


Bride and Groom got away from me bofore I could ask them for my signature shot of them two together. This was a fun event, small amount of guests, but everyone participated and danced the songs they liked. Also this was a very diverse guest list that attended.  Either way, the Bride and Groom and their guests had a fantastic time. Even at one point they had to go ask the staff for a brom to dance to the Limbo.

Happy Planning!

DJ Francisco
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