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This weekend was the third time I visit the Pine Forest Country club here in Houston for a wedding and as in all weddign  I love to take pictures of the people enjoying themselves to the music that they selected to hear.

This was a bilingual wedding so everything had to be done in both, Spanish and English. It’s a little bit more work for me, but in the end it’s worth it since every family member and friend can understand what’s going on and what the man with the mic is saying. In the end nobody feels left out.

LED DJ Lighting / Up LIghting / Decor Lighting

I recently purchased some LED Up Lights / Decor Lights / Architectural Lights or however you want to call them so I took a few (6) to kinda try them out ant dress up the room a little. So below are those pictures. The colors were Green and white so I set up the LED lights behind the DJ Stage to match the colors and below is the results:



The bride really fell in love with the decorative lighting and even said if she know about it beforehand, she would have added more lights to it. I thought the same thing too, like mayb lighting up the columns and the various special bridal tables.

Dancing and Fun pictures at Pine Forest Country Club

Here is how the night went, Pretty much everyone had a great time dancing and visiting with friends and family. The Bride and groom seemed to enjoy themselves all night.



It was a medium size crowd, about 125 guests or so, so it was hard to really fill up the dance floor. It was actually full towards the end when we played the upbeat latin music and the english dance music. Event he photographers got in the action towards the end, it was good to be able to take some pictures of them having a great time with the bride and groom.

This was my first out of 3 weddings for this past weekend. It was a very intersting weekend and my body is still recovering from all the hard work that went into it, but all weddings were real fun.

Happy Planning!

DJ Francisco
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