Spanish Father and Daughter Dance

Spanish Father and Daughter dance, and its works well whether it’s a wedding reception or a Quinceanera. Father Daughter Dance Song | Vicente Fernandez – Es Mi Nina Bonita   Yo creo que a todos los hombresles debe pasar lo mismoque cuando van a ser padresquisieran tener un niñoluego les nace una niñasufren una decepcióny […]

Bachata Wedding Songs

What are some Bachata Wedding Songs? Lately I find myself listening to a lot of bachata music. The songs are soo romantic and so full of great feelings. The dance to a bachata song can be the most sensual and the most romantic. You have your partner very close to you and your bodies move […]

Request the Top Latin Music at Weddings

Latin Music, we all love it and we all love to dance it. It’s very sensual and romantic to dance, not to mention how stimulating it can be… At the weddings I have performed, no matter if there is Latin people or not, I usually get a request or two for Latin Music. I guess […]