Spanish Father and Daughter Dance for Wedding or Quinceanera

Father Daughter Dance Song | Vicente Fernandez – Es Mi Nina Bonita

Here are The lyrics to the song if you are considering it for your Father and Daughter dance, and its works well whether it’s a wedding reception or a Quinceanera.

Yo creo que a todos los hombres
les debe pasar lo mismo
que cuando van a ser padres
quisieran tener un niño
luego les nace una niña
sufren una decepción
y después la quieres tanto
que hasta cambias de opinión.

Es mi niña bonita
con tu carita de rosas
es mi niña bonita
cada día más preciosa
es mi niña bonita
hecha de nardo y clavel
es mi niña bonita
es mi niña bonita
cuanto la lleguo a querer.

Si un día se casa mi niña
vestida de blanco armiño
recordare que soñaba
con que al nacer fuera un niño
por eso rezo y le pido
al señor del gran poder
que el hombre que se la lleve
la sepa siempre querer.

Es mi niña bonita
con tu carita de rosas
es mi niñas bonita
cada día más preciosa
es mi niña bonita
hecha de nardo y clavel
es mi niña bonita
es mi niña bonita
cuanto la lleguo a querer.

Mi niña…bonita..
Ay mi niña… bonita…..

Happy Planning!
Francisco H. Perez
Your Bilingual Wedding DJ in Houston

Bachata Wedding Songs

Lately I find myself listening to a lot of bachata music. The songs are soo romantic and so full of great feelings. The dance to a bachata song can be the most sensual and the most romantic. You have your partner very close to you and your bodies move in the same direction in very well orchestrated moves to the beat of this very romantic sound.

Here is A video on Youtube to display how sensual this dance can be, however, in my opinion this is a little too much, but still very sensual.

Now if you wanted to learn to dance bachata with a little bit calmer, more informative video on Youtube, try the following video. This couple goes slow so you can learn to dance the sensual bachata rythms.

So now you can have some of these Sensual Bachata songs at your wedding and you will be able to do the basic step. So what are the most popular bachata songs to play at weddings nowadays?

Prince Royce “Stand By Me”

Chayanne “Me Enamore De Ti” (bachata version)

Monche & Alexandra “No Es Una Novela”

Toby Love “Tu & Yo”

Aventura “Mi Corazoncito”

Aventura “Un Beso”

Not only are these great Bachata songs, but they are also some of the best candidates if you want your first dance to be a Bachata song!

Request the Top Latin Music at Weddings

Latin Music, we all love it and we all love to dance it.

It’s very sensual and romantic to dance, not to mention how stimulating it can be…

At the weddings I have performed, no matter if there is Latin people or not, I usually get a request or two for Latin Music. I guess they see that I am Latino and feel that I should have something fun to dance; I do.

We all know weddings are a special occasion and that people are generally there to support the bride and groom and to wish them well in their long journey of love, so they are generally in a great mood to party and to enjoy the night as much as they can. So if the DJ plays a song, any song, and they don’t know how to dance, they will still get out there and try to figure it as much as they can, all in the name of having a great time.

So what are those Latin Songs that will do just that?

  1. Elvis Crespo – Suavemente(Merengue)
  2. Celia Cruz – La Vida es un Carnaval (Salsa)
  3. Daddy Yankee – Rompe (Reggaeton)
  4. King Africa – El Carnavalito (Line Dance)
  5. Los Del Rio – La Macarena (Line Dance)
  6. Sabor Kolombia – Bota y Tambo (Cumbia Sonidera)
  7. Fulanito – Guallando (Merengue)
  8. Selena – Baila Esta Cumbia (Cumbia)
  9. SuperMerka2 – Que Calor (Cumbia)
  10. Aventura – Obsesion (Bachata)

These are amongst the top ten known Latin songs that if you request any DJ will have, or should have, and will do a great job of getting people on the dance floor.

Let me know how you like these songs or if you have other suggestions.

Happy Planning!

DJ Francisco
Your DJ In Houston