The Bell Tower on W34th is coming soon!

The Bell Tower on w34th

A few days ago I made a short post about the New Bell Tower on w34th street. Today I decided to see if I could fin a website or anything else where I could post some information about the venue. I imagine if they attended the Houston Bridal Extravaganza Show in July, they would more than likely have a website up and running, and they sure do.

First place I found them was in and after that it lead me to their actual Bell Tower on w34th Street website where they just have a flyer letting people know they will be open for business soon.

If you want to get a much better idea of what the place actually looks like and how beautiful it is inside… visit their ad on

Happy Planning!

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The Tuscany Gardens & Villa on 34th ST Soon to be Bell Tower on 34th??

“There is now a sign that says “Bell Tower on 34th” Coming Soon with a phone number.”

Does that mean that there will soon be a new venue opening to replace the Tucan Gardens Tuscany Gardens of Garden Oaks?

Happy Planning!

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