Elegante Entertainment at Briscoe Manor | Wedding DJ Video

I was recently the MC/DJ at a wedding at Briscoe Manor. We had the pleasure of also doing the Up Lighting, Photo Booth, and Monogram Projection and Display.

Below is a 10 Minute Video of Briscoe Manor as we decorated it with our NON-LED uplights and our Monogram Displayed on the walls.


To watch the video in HD, comment, rate, or visit our Youtube.com page, please click on the link below:
DJ in Houston | Weddings | Quinceaneras | Elegante Entertainment at Briscoe Manor. Video for a Wedding Reception

Happy Planning!
Simply Frank

Gobo Design in Houston

About Gobo Design

Gobo Design is something that we recently started doing along with Gobo Rental. Gobo Design can be as easy as taking you monogram from you cake topper or you napkins and replicating the design into a Gobo, or a small metal that goes into the Gobo Projector.

About the Gobo Projector

A Gobo Projector is a specialized light that is used in theaters and more recently at weddings and corporate functions. The light, also known as a Leko, has a special slot cut into the light where you can stick your metal Gobo Design and it can project the image into a wall or the dance floor.

Gobo Design Pricing

Although, we really don’t charge our clients for the actual Gobo Design, we usually decide to give the design as a thank you for selecting our services. A lot of the time, they already have a Gobo design that they can use. As mentioned above, you can just take the monogram and use it for your Gobo Design. To rent our Gobo Projector and our Gobo with the design already etched into it,  visit our Gobo Monogram design Rental Section of our DJ website.

Custom Gobo Design Pictures and Examples

Below are a few of our recent Gobo Designs and Examples.