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Elegante Entertainment at the Gallery

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Westlake Club Wedding DJ Pictures – Reviews

I had the opportunity to visit the Westlake Club back in March. It is a beautiful facility located in the west side of Houston.

It is a beautiful club located on the seventh (7th) floor and decorated with windows thought the entire hall. The style and feel of the club was traditional with a warmness to it that eludes elegance.

All the reviews on the website, about the Westlake Club are 5 stars. People love Jennifer Keefe and her great staff and I could not agree more. They were very accommodating and very pleasant to work with. I would love to return to the Westlake Club any day.

Blow are Pictures I took at the Westlake Club, during a recent wedding reception I had the pleasure of being the DJ and Master of Ceremonies. I would absolutely recommend this place if you are a Bride reading this and considering the place for your Wedding reception.

Westlake Club Wedding Pictures


I hope you enjoyed your pictures and I hope you can picture yourself at the Westlake Club, enjoying yourself, having a great time along with all your friends and family!

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Top Wedding Venues in Houston – Reviews, Part 2

Ok, let’s continue reviewing some of top wedding venues that I have visited over the last year, or since the begging of 2008 to be more exact.

7. Rice Lofts

The Rice Lofts is a beautiful place to hold a wedding reception. Located in the heart of Downtown Houston, it is an ideal place to hold a wedding reception, right in the middle of Houston. The setting is just absolutely gorgeous! Lovely chandeliers illuminate the room beautifully and provide for a romantic setting!

6. Augusta Pines

Augusta Pines is another beautiful golf course with a club house that is able to accommodate your wedding. Located north of Houston,  Spring Texas, and just 3 miles south of the Woodlands Mall. The place is beautiful and the scenery is filled with green fairways. The place has a lovely staircase that can be used for many things. As you will see in my pictures, I used it to extend the conga Line to give the photographers and videographers something they could work with. I even got a few good shots!

Here is a Quote from their website:

Welcome to the newest and most elegant banquet facility in Houston’s Northwest area.  The Grand Ballroom is the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony and reception.  Five elegant chandeliers cast a flattering glow over the dining room, while the Grand Spiral Staircase leads to a breath taking loft and veranda.

Link to Augusta Pines Clubhouse Website

5. Sweetwater Country Club

Another beautiful golf course with a beautiful banquet room available for weddings. As they state, “The essence of Elegance,” which is exactly what you get when enter the banquet area. An elegant setting filled with beautiful colors and add to that the Elegant Linens and decorations, you get a great combination of elegance and style.

A quote from their website:

The Sweetness Continues…

Whether it is an intimate Ceremony, a lavish reception or a rehearsal dinner, our expert catering and culinary teams will assist you with all of the details needed to make your day truly unforgettable! We also specialize in exceptional cultural events that will cater to your taste preferences and honored traditions

Here is a Link to the Sweet Water Country Club

4. Aston Gardens

Ashton Gardens is a one-stop for weddings and Ceremonies. They have a beautiful chapel and just as beautiful is their reception area. They are surrounded by trees and when you drive in, you feel like you are going out in the country, and it’s just off 1960! It’s located in Spring Tx so it’s not too far from Houston, it’s actually right in the outskirts of Houston.  This year they were awarded the Knot’s 2008’s Pick, The Knot Best of Weddings. That’s Pretty impressive!

Excerpt from their website:

The Knot Best of Weddings 2008 pick voted by brides for brides

Ashton Gardens is dedicated to helping you with every aspect of your special day down to the last detail. Our wedding coordinators can help you design a ceremony and reception that will create the day you have always dreamed of, within the budget you choose.

So there are some of the best wedding venues in Houston Texas and its surrounding areas. And again, these are only the ones I’ve visited, since I have not been to every venue, or let’s say, I was not at every venue last year, I cannot include those in my reviews.

The venue says a lot about the personality of the bride, venues are usually selected either because they are Elegant, they are “the place to go” or have a your wedding, or they simply see the place an just fall in love with everything.

I always ask brides why they chose the venue, the answers range from, “Are you kidding me? There is no other place I would have my wedding!” To “I simply fell in love with it when I walked in” To “I attended a wedding there and I loved everything about it.” Whatever the reason, it is usually a good reflection of who the bride is. Which is a good thing!

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