The 300,000 Wedding

Expensive weddings in houston Which I have been reading for a while now, has released, an article and pictures of what a $300,000 dollar wedding looks like. For most of us, it would take us 30 years to pay off something that is worth that much and we could live in it for the rest of our lives. This article gets a lot of hits and a lot of responses, probably due to the amount of money spent…


That is outrageous…

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Life As A Wedding Disc Jockey


So what is a wedding DJ all about? You work 5 hours and make huge sums of money – but what exactly goes into being a professional wedding disc jockey?

Life As A Wedding Disc Jockey by Rob Alberti

It must be great. You work on Saturday night for 5 hours and make $1,000 or more. What a life. It has been equated to selling drugs – the lucrative wedding disc jockey business is not what it’s cracked up to be. The reality is – this is far from the easy money that a potential wedding client thinks it is. They are shocked when they first hear the price that professional DJs charge and think that they are being ripped off because “wedding” was in their vocabulary when they called for a quote.

Here are some interesting facts to understand better what the life of a wedding disc jockey really is like:

Clients call at all times of the day – the phone rings from 8am until around 11pm virtually every day. For the most part, you must be available to answer the calls because most people won’t leave a message if you don’t.

Most weekday nights are spent away from home meeting with clients or potential clients.

Most weekends are spent away from friends and family working at your events. Forget the 4th of July picnic and New Years Eve.

Wedding Disc Jockeys are booked a year or two in advance – so that last minute call from your friend asking you to dinner or to a concert is a wasted call. You’re already booked.

Your daughter’s concert that is on a Friday in May – you will most likely miss. Again, you are already booked.

Try standing for 5 hours straight and see how your legs and feet feel.

Did you know one of the most feared things to do is speak in public? As a wedding disc jockey, that is what we do every weekend.

Most people bring a cup of coffee to work – a wedding disc jockey brings over $15,000 worth of equipment and another $20,000 or more in music to most events.

A wedding disc jockey will haul in about 1,000 pounds of equipment into and out of the reception – that means up stairs, across rickety stone paths and through parking garages, through kitchens and in the cold and rain.

A typical wedding lasts for 5 hours. Your wedding disc jockey will arrive an hour early to setup, will be there after guests leave tearing down and typically drives 30 minutes to 60 minutes each way to the event. They have to spend time preparing equipment before they leave the office. They have to unload and put away gear when they return. That adds up to between 8 and 10 hours on the day of the event alone invested in your wedding.

A wedding disc jockey will typically meet you prior to booking (pre-sales meeting) for about an hour. Most disc jockeys will drive to meet their clients. Presales and travel to and from this meeting will add about 2 hours of their time into your event.

When it’s time to discuss details, your disc jockey will again drive to meet you and spend another hour with you going over details, they’ll return to the office, type up this information and send you a copy. They’ll spend a couple hours organizing music, talking on the phone and sending/receiving emails from you over the course of the two months prior to your wedding. You can figure they’ve just invested another 5 hours into preparing for your event.

The total time invested per event will be around 17 – 20 hours when it’s all said and done. That $1,000 for 5 hours is now really $1,000 for 20 hours of time. A wedding disc jockey will spend about $2,000 or more each year on music updates. They might invest $2,000-$6,000 in equipment, repairs and upgrades each year. They will spend $1,000 – $10,000 in advertising, bridal shows, printing, etc. They will spend $5,000 – $20,000 for office supplies, computers, and business services. They will spend $500 – $1,500 on liability insurance policies. They will spend $2,000 to $5,000 on postage. They will travel to one of the national DJ conventions to keep up to date with the industry and spend around $1,500 doing so. They will have a 800 number, cell phone, fax and voice mail services costing them around $5,000 each year. They will spend $5,000 each year on health insurance. They will spend $5,000 in gas getting back and forth to meetings and events.

A wedding disc jockey will drive 25,000 – 35,000 miles each year between meetings and back and forth to their events. That will be approximately 750 hours away from home each year just in travel time. The reason that wedding disc jockeys charge the price that they do is simple. It is the cost of doing business. The value that a professional disc jockey brings to your event is priceless. Take away the music and you’re just inviting friends and family to eat and drink. That accounts for about 2 of the typical 5 hour wedding reception. Your professional wedding disc jockey is responsible for coordinating all the details of the flow of the event – from introductions to the cake cutting. They are the middle man between the banquet staff, your photographer and videographer. They are your wedding coordinator. Without proper quality entertainment – guests will leave soon after dinner.

If a typical wedding reception costs around $25,000 (or $5,000 per hour!), and your guests leave 2 hours before the end due to poor entertainment – you’ve just wasted $10,000 of your wedding budget. If you’re debating between a cheap $500 DJ and a professional DJ costing $1,500, the decision should be easy. Trying to cut corners on entertainment could cost you $10,000. The additional $1,000 is money well spent when the big picture is in focus. The time and effort a true professional disc jockey puts into your event will be worth every penny.

Rob has been a professional mobile DJ since 1983, performing at hundreds of events each year including weddings, corporate events and school functions.

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Wedding Cumbias (Part 1)

Cumbias are by far the connecting link between all latin people. Everyone loves to dance the cumbia whether they are;

  • Cumbias Colombianas
  • Cumbias Sonideras
  • Cumbias Guaracha
  • Cumbias Tejanas
  • Cumbias Noreñas
  • Cumbias Regionales
  • Fito Olivares Cumbias
  • Kumbia Kings Cumbias (Old Kumbia Kings)
  • etc…

We all love to dance cumbias. Especially if they are upbeat and organized in a way they can be danced without interruption. One of the main reasons people at Weddings and Quinceañeras come back to use my service is because I organize all my cumbias and because I let the majority of the song play before mixing in the next song.

Why do people like that?

Because they like to listen to the song in its entirety, as it is played on the radio or in their cars. Would you like it if you are listening to your favorite song and somebody cut it off to play another song you don’t care about? Probably not and that would probably ruin your “in fun” moment. Especially if you are singing the song and they cut it off before “the good part,” you know, the part where you have to take a deep breath just so you have enough air to get through that part and SHOUT at the top of your lungs. We all have our favorite songs and our favorite parts in our favorite song. Ask your DJ not to ruin that moment for you. 🙂

What are those popular songs?

Fito Olivares has A LOT of them and they are well liked by all latin people. Mexican, Salvadorean, Puerto Rican, Tejano, etc… He has so many good cumbias that you can go out and buy any two Fito Olivares CD’s and play a couple of sets of Cumbias just from those Two CD’s. Some songs include Aguita De Melon, El Colesterol , Juana La Cubana, Yo No Bailo Con Juana,Cumbia Caliente, Marisol, Guera Salome, Cumbia Y Guarare, and More. These are just the ones that come to mind because of how often I play these. Older latin crowds love these, and by older I mean 25 yrs. and up. The group you normally see at weddings.

Aniceto Molina, Celso Piña, Tropa Colombiana…

(Part 2 coming Soon)

Keeping up with your Wedding or Quinceanera Budget

Wedding Budget

Here is an example of how Miss Butterfly of is able to keep track of all her expenses. She shares a picture of the excel file she uses and it contains all the different, wedding related ,expenses on her list (Copy it and add or remove things that do not pertain to your event).

For Quinceaneras and their moms that decide to use this article as an expense tracker, you, the quinceanera, can probably ask for assistance from one of your school teachers and they can help you set up the excel file so that it can perform all the nice functions and all you have to do is insert the correct numbers.

Personal Wedding Website

Keeping your friends, family and wedding party in the loop of your upcoming wedding can be very time consuming and burdensome. But not anymore. Having your own Personal Wedding Website will take care of all that, plus much more.

Having a professional wedding site is a great way to share all the news and events on your upcoming wedding. You can post the date, location, time and directions to your Stag, Shower, Rehearsal and other events. You can post your Registry and add items to a personal Wish List, list local attractions for friends and family that are visiting and collect best wishes with your Guest Book.

Getting the word out about your site is as easy as including your web address on your invitations. We have seen many invitations with ‘For more information, and directions, please visit’ This way, everyone invited to your wedding, including those who can’t make it, can go to your wedding website to get up to date information. You can edit any of the information on your site, even the style, to keep it updated and reflect any changes you have made. Another great benefit of a web address is the ability to put it on wedding favors, wedding bulletins or for posting at the reception. This way people will come back to see your wonderful wedding day photos.

Keeping track of those coming to your wedding has never been easier either. Offering online RSVP is one of the most popular features of a wedding website. It saves you time and money, no extra envelopes or stamps required, and long waits for getting back the RSVP’s in the mail. Just put a simple link to your site in the invitation and your friends can RSVP at your website and you will be sent a message right away. Your site will also keep the RSVP’s in memory so you can manage your list and know who you didn’t hear back from yet.

The above features, along with many more, will really make planning a wedding, and sharing it with friends and family around the world, a pleasurable experience. A Personal Wedding Website, let everyone share the joy of your big day.

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