TOP DJ Questions for Weddings, Quinceaneras, Coorporate Events, or School Dances

Houston Wedding DJ and Quinceanera DJ questions to ask

It seems that other DJ companies have a “How to hire a DJ” questionnaire full of cr*p and mislead the customer to hire them by talking down their competition with untruthful facts and feeding their customer the fear of making the wrong decision. I do not pay any negative criticism to my competition nor do I support any company that does so. I simply offer advice for free and in a positive and unbiased manner to benefit my readers first, then if they agree, myself. People are intelligent and can tell when they are being lied to, mislead, or when their concerns are not addressed in a positive matter.

Anyway, enough of my rant, I have taken the time to write my answers some of the questions that I commonly get asked. These questions come from the web site All time Favorites and I used some that I have been asked.
—->Can I Meet my DJ?
For Weddings, Quinceañeras, and Corporate events, we would encourage a personal consultation with your Disc Jockey. You can find out if you two are a correct match and you can take the opportunity to ask questions on how the DJ will handle your event and you can select the songs you want played at your reception. The more control your DJ allows you the better your party will be. I keep coming across people that tell me that other DJ companies do not allow them to select the music they want played at their event. To me that is unprofessional. I allow you to select as many songs as you wish.

—->Do you accept my CD’s to play or an IPOD
Yes our system can handle CD’s, MP3 CD’s, MP3’s, CDRW’s and DVD’s

—->Do you have a back up DJ?
Yes, we have backup equipment with us at all times. Additionally, my equipment is checked the day before the event and the day of the event. We try our best in order to make sure your Wedding or Quinceañera goes according to plan.

—->Do you take requests on the night?
Yes, I take requests at any time before the day of the event, and all day at the event; During Dinner, Cocktails, and during the dance. Again, there are DJ’s that feel that requests “tie their hands behind their back.” I, on the other hand, believe that requests are a great way to stay “in tune” with the crowd and I find that helpful throughout the night. Most of the events, when someone comes up to make a request, I already have that song as my next song. It is always a pleasure to see that ear to ear smile as I hit the play button and play their song immediately after they request it.

—->Does a DJ need Liability insurance?
It is in his and his clients’ best interest to carry liability insurance.

—->How do I compare DJs?
The absolute best way to do this is to make a list, on paper or you will forget, about the qualities that are important in your DJ. What you want to evaluate is:

  • Is he willing to do a sample introduction when you meet him, why or why not?
  • Is he on time to your appointments?
  • Is he doing the DJ/MC’ing? Why or why not?
  • What kind of organizing Help is he providing?
  • What responsibilities is he helping you with at your event?
  • Is he the type of person to get frustrated easily?
  • Does he talk bad about people? (If he does chances are he will about you)
  • How is he dressed? How does he smell? breath?
  • DOES HE LISTEN TO YOU?!?!?!? (the most important attribute)
  • Is he friendly?
  • What is his price and what do you get for that price? (At the time of this writing, average DJ fee is $600 for 4-5 Hours)
  • Can he provide a list of songs that you can select your music from?
  • Use your previous experiences from other events you have seen to add to this list.

Then you ask the DJ’s you are interviewing these questions or ask them to comment on these concerns and evaluate their answers with your ideal answers. Finally, select the one that best meets your answers and share with him where you would like to see an improvement. This is why doing your part, writing down your “ideal” answers to your questions, come in very helpful. Additionally, this is where selecting a DJ that listens to you well is important, because he takes the time to understand your needs and concerns.

—->How do you get people up dancing?
I have a few methods that I use, some are known by other DJ’s and some are pretty unique ways that I have come up with over time. The most basic way would be to play a song that everyone knows and loves to dance to. This is another place where a good listener (DJ) will be able to help you out. We all have intuition, but a good DJ will use his listening skills to add to his intuition and select the perfect dancing song to get people motivated to dance. Games are another great way to get the dance started. The conga line, the magical circle dance, YMCA song with party props, etc.

—->Is all your music edited and clean?
Yes, 90% of my music is clean and edited.

—->What are the benefits of hiring a DJ over a band?
The DJ will be able to play a lot more of the music you can dance to at a lower price.
—->What are the differences between hiring a DJ using CDs and one playing MP3s from a computer?
Nowadays, with technology as advanced as it is, a great DJ will be able to play both formats. CD and MP3’s from a computer. By using a computer the DJ can find he next song approximately 33% faster. Song quality is better on CD’s but not noticeable to the human ear. The world of technology is improving and changing, your DJ should too.

—->What happens if my DJ becomes sick or ill?
We are a team of two, so there will always be another DJ, it will either be myself, Francisco, or The Doctor, Len Luna DC. So you are in great hands all night.

—->What questions should I ask a DJ when hiring them?
These and any others that you can come up with, that you would like to know how your DJ is going to handle. If you do not come up with any, these are all the questions you need answered.

—->What should I make sure is in the contract when I hire a DJ?
Ask for a copy of each DJ’s contract and compare them as well. Make sure he protects your concerns as well as his. Make sure if he does not show up, you can get 100% of your money back. What will happen in case of rain or anything that cancels the event and if you have to pay him (most of the time you will, since that is something he cannot control). What he expects you to provide him with, table, electrical outlet, food.

—->What will my DJ wear at the event?
To Weddings and Quiceañeras we will wear a tuxedo unless specified otherwise by the client. Other events are; as requested by the client.

—->Who will Be The DJ?
Myself, Francisco Perez.
—->Will my deposit be refundable?
Once the date is reserved for you, we reserve it for you and we lose the opportunity to be hired by another person on that date. For that reason your deposit is non-refundable

I hope this helps you distinguish when somebody tries to feed you lies instead of positive facts, Thank you

Francisco H. Perez
FHP Entertainment
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Houston’s Salsa Community

Houston DJ Wedding Quinceanera Salsa Dancing Social

If you live in or near Houston and You love to dance Salsa and meet new people with that common interest, then check out this website.

Wandering Salsero and make sure you check out this article in there:

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There are usually some meetups where they go to and learn to dance salsa as well as get together for a social night out. Great for people that love to teach, people that love to learn and people that like to socialize.

Francisco H. Perez
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The Story Of a “Personal” Approach to Weddings…

Asian Personal Wedding Image

Recently, I had a young couple (about my age actually) ask me to be of service in their wedding as their MC, their Master of Ceremonies. Before I go into the details of the meeting and how they think my service is very personal, let me give you the background on how they contacted me in the first place. They inquired about my service through my website’s contact form, where they asked me call them and give them more information over the phone. Within 10 minutes (this turned out to be very positive as you will later see) of receiving the email, I was on the phone with the bride to be answering all her questions and concerns. One concern was whether or not I have the music that is on her list of “music they Personally picked.” I asked for the list, she sent it, and I looked it over. I have about 90% of the songs and the rest I am in the process of acquiring (keep this in mind as it will also turn out to be another positive thing). All of this happened near the beginning of February, 2006.

On Friday February 17, 2006 I receive the following email:

“My fiancé, (Name), and I would like to schedule an appointment or consultation to come and meet with you regarding the wedding. (My fiancé) and I still haven’t been able to get through your entire song list. There quite a few songs there. Also, we need to know what to do to book you for the wedding. Just as a reminder, our wedding date is (Month) **, 2006. We look forward to hearing from you.” (Only editing done was to hide the date and the name of Mr. Fiancé).

To make a short story long, this beautiful couple arrives at my place and we sit down and discuss the specifics of their reception. Upon getting to know them, I ask them some questions that allow me to Taylor my service specifically to them. One of these questions (other DJ’s please turn away now, so as you don’t steal my ideas 🙂 ) was, what exactly is their experience with other DJ’s. The first answer was how hard it was to get others on the telephone and how long it took them to answer their concerns, which are just human nature.

For the second answer, Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to sit down and read this as it will shock the sox off you. Their response was, that other DJ Companies only allowed them to select 10 songs out of their Personal list (their list consisted of over 60 songs). When the couple asked these, So Called DJ’s the reason for this. Their response was that “they had the ability to read the crowd and that by the Bride and Groom selecting the songs for them, they would felt they had their hands tied behind their backs” Take a moment to think about this and tell me what is soooo wrong with this. ————————- Your answer should be —— everything.

Just think about this now, this couple went through the effort of selecting the songs they personally wanted played, (I would estimate on the safe side, about 10 hours of on and off planning), they did the hard part for any Disk Jockey, and were humble enough to present this idea to such negative people only to be, in my opinion, humiliated/humbled. These DJ’s ego was so high (our Bride & Groom actually realized this and where more humbled than humiliated); they actually took offense to this idea by our Bride & Groom. This is one thing you should always test, the EGO of the person you are hiring. Whether it’s a DJ, MC, Photographer, Video Cameraman, or anyone that will “SERVE” you, make sure they do just that: serve “YOU”.

Let me turn this back into a positive blog once again. I really don’t like talking bad about my competition and I think you can see how bad this is for the entertainment industry, so I, on behalf of this industry, would like to apologize to anyone that has gone through this with any other vendor. I do, however, want to share this experience of our Bride and Groom and to be a voice in their negative learning experience.

In our meeting, they said something to me that made my day; week; even my whole month. Their exact words were:

“…this is so personal compared to everyone else.”

This was such a rewarding sentence to hear that I felt I had accomplished something so positive, words can’t describe.
I was able to find the solution to their problems. I had heard this before, but not with so much of an emotional background. Of course, when they said this I kept my poker face and just smiled at them, but deep inside I was crying with Joy!

I bet if you are a salesman, you are thinking; I bet you got them for twice the amount of the other DJ companies. In reality I charged them the price of my “Basic” package but gave them the service of my “Simplicity” package. I was so motivated to keep doing positive things for our Bride and Groom that I did not want to turn this into a negative experience for them, in any such way or form.

I listen to you carefully, I use your ideas in my plan, and I make sure I answer your question, the moment you have them. All of this seems like it is something others would do, out of good personal character, but I am finding little by little that very few do this.

Francisco H. Perez
FHP Entertainment
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Finding the right DJ

Francisco Perez
FHP Entertainment
Houston, Texas

Dear Friend,

Are you in search of the right company for you music and entertainment needs? And for that matter what is the right company? Do you want somebody that really understands your needs and expectations? Is this your first time looking for a DJ company? Would you like an unbiased education to make the correct decision?

If so… and… live in or near Houston … and are looking for more than “The Top 10 Questions to ask a DJ” (Go to Google and type “wedding dj questions” ), then this unique letter is for you. Whether you stumbled upon it by mere luck, were refereed by one of my recent customers, or you just met me at a recent trade show; the fact is that you are here and you would be unwise not to take what I am about to share with you, seriously. Even if this is not your first time searching for a DJ company, this information will prove so valuable that it will change the way you hire DJ’s.

There are four golden steps to follow when selecting a DJ. These steps are;

First, Plan every aspect clearly and in detail. The first step is the most important one as it will serve as your foundation for your Service Selection Plan. It is not only necessary to have a clear vision on your mind, but to have your vision detailed on paper. You will be surprised how easy it is to forget ideas. By writing your ideas down on paper, you will have a concrete list that you can go through and organize into a plan of action. Go through everything from the dinner, to the final dance in chronological order. Think to yourself, I want this to happen first, second, third, and so on. This gives you a chronological list and an order to follow. Do not worry about times at this time; just write down your ides. Your Final List should look something like this(Click here), but only using the events that you plan on carrying out. This list will serve as a scorecard for everything else. With this scorecard you will be able to check things of as you complete them. There is a rule that I follow called the 10/90 Rule and it states that the first 10% of the time that you spend on planning will save you 90% of the time required to perform the activities. Remember, our activity is finding the correct Service Provider, or in this case the right DJ. As an activity, get a clean sheet of paper, or on your planning notebook, open it to the next clean page and at the top write “Service Selection Plan – DJ” and proceed to complete your list into a chronological order of events that your DJ will follow.

Now that you have your chronological plan of action, visualize how you want the DJ to perform the activities of your luxurious event. Write down the mood that you expect at each part of your event. For example, during the main introduction, the DJ should build up enthusiasm in the guests so that they welcome you with a lot of emotion. During cocktails, you can select the style of music to be played, during the cutting of the cake do you want to stop the music or just make a clear announcement over the music, etc… Make a detailed note on your list as this list will be your basis for hiring the correct DJ. For a generic example, Click here.

Second, Get the DJ on the phone. This is the first of two interviews you will do on your DJ. Remember who serves who and try to see if they practice the same view; We serve You . The more DJ’s you interview over the phone, the more you will have to compare against. If the very first words out of the DJ’s mouth aren’t questions about your event that should immediately raise a red flag. Have a long conversation with him; get a good feeling of what he is all about. Ask questions with a purpose. Do not ask the questions that are floating around the internet, ask questions that will make them think about an answer. If you would like a list of questions that would make the DJ think, or any other vendor for that matter, email me and I will send you this exclusive information . Take notes of this phone interview. On a clear sheet of paper, write the name of the DJ, the date of the call, and any other information that got your attention. Maybe he has a great voice, does not listen well, talks down on his competition, answers your questions and concerns well? etc.

Third, Schedule a personal consultation. It is strongly recommended that you meet them in person. After all this person will represent you to your friends and family so you want to know how they present themselves and how professional they are when it comes to serving you . You should take notes on what you like about this person and what you would like to see more improvement. The main reason you want to meet with them is to decide whether this is the right DJ for you. Go over with them, in detail, your itinerary for the day of the event. Once you have completed this, ask them how they would present this to your friends and family. There are two key points to look for when they repeat to you what you just explained to them; do they fully understand you and do they visualize the day of the event, in the same manner that you portrayed it. Once you find the correct DJ, book him as fast as you can because chances are he is a good DJ and will be booked very quickly.

Finally, Go over the schedule one final time . Whether it is a week before or the day of the event, things can and will change from the time you met your DJ, so make sure that you both are up to date with changes. Use this time to ask any additional question that you might have come up with and allow the DJ to suggest ways to improve the areas that you are struggling to make a decision on.

There you have it, pretty simple right? I know this is a lot of information and I do hope it brings me some business but more importantly i hope it will guide you and help you in making an informed decision. This does not only help you in the selection of a DJ, but in the selection of a photographer, videographer, and just about any other vendor that will serve you in your Wedding, Quinceanera, or Corporate event.

Remember Knowledge is power and the lack of could leave you…well… powerless

If you would like for us to take charge in doing all of the organization and preparation described in the first step, please allow us to be of assistance as it would bring us great pleasure to know that we can be part of such a vital step in your Wedding Planning.