Wedding Planning Houston: How to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony Music

For Booking: This is an add on video to the one I did a week ago on how to plan your wedding reception timeline: How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Timeline  The planning of the wedding ceremony is a bit simpler and should be planned pretty quickly. There are only UP TO 5 songs […]

2015 Top Wedding Requested Songs Houston

Thanks to the power of modern technology, we are able to gather data and analyze it to bring to you the 2015 Top Wedding Requested Songs Houston. Based on client’s previous inquiries throughout the 2015 year, from all the wedding DJ websites around the US, this list was created. Which may be the reason some songs […]

Bachata Wedding Songs

What are some Bachata Wedding Songs? Lately I find myself listening to a lot of bachata music. The songs are soo romantic and so full of great feelings. The dance to a bachata song can be the most sensual and the most romantic. You have your partner very close to you and your bodies move […]

Latino Wedding and Quinceanera Songs You Must Have at Your Event!

Latino Wedding and Quinceanera Songs to Have your DJ Play at your event! Chino Y Nacho – El Poeta Description: This is a beautiful song with a great meaning of what love is. The main chorus line is. The main chorus line is, “For you, I become a Poet” (loosely translated) and any person who […]

Spanish Wedding Songs

Spanish Wedding Songs – (Canciones Para Bodas en Espanol) Agustín Lara o Luis Miguel: Solamente una vez Alejandro Fernández: Quiéreme Alejandro Sanz: La fuerza del corazón Alejandro Sanz: Los dos cógidos de la mano Alejandro Sanz: Si tu me miras Aleks Syntek: Sin ti Aleks Syntek: Lugar secreto Aleks Syntek: Sembrando voy Aleks Syntek: Una […]