Wedding Planner in Houston, Audrey Hu-Gonzalez, Press Release

Not too long ago I was hired by a nice young couple to be the DJ and MC at their wedding. They had a beautiful wedding and reception at Paraiso Maravilla. Well, lucky for them they hired a Wedding Planner from Houston to help them with their event, to do all the planning and running around for them. I believe in the importance of wedding planners for wedding receptions. They bring a lot of value to the vendors and more importantly to the Bride and Groom. Imagine yourself, as the bride or groom, running around making sure that all your vendors arrived on time, or worried that they may not arrive at all, or that 5 minutes before your ceremony starts you get a frantic call from your maid of honor, mother, or father telling you that the officiant is not there, or that there are tables missing, decorations missing, or anything of that nature. No matter how small or how big that is, it will put a dent on your feelings and emotions for that day. The day that is supposed to be the most special day of your life.

Since that day at Paraiso Maravilla, when Steve and Carolina professed their love for each other, I’ve kept in touch with their wedding Coordinator. What’s unique about this wedding coordinator is the detail that she went to in her planning material. Every minute and every person was accounted for and she had a plan to make sure everything came out on time! She was well prepared and I know Steve and Carolina were so happy and glad that they did not have to worry about anything, because she was on top of EVERYTHING! Including how great they both looked for their last pictures of the night!


So today I am proud to announce to you this press Release by Events by Audrey, a wedding planner right here in our own home town of Houston Texas

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                        March 27, 2009

Events by Audrey is a premier

Wedding & Event Planner firm located in Houston, TX

March 27, 2009 – Houston, TX – Events by Audrey announces that Audrey Hu-Gonzalez is an experienced local expert that you can contact in Houston in regards to wedding planning, event planning & meeting planning needs.  She is a local Houstonian who has all the right contacts for weddings & events and who can assist you in up to the minute wedding trends, cultural traditions, & etiquette.  Audrey Hu-Gonzalez, Houston’s premier wedding consultant, has experience that goes far beyond the textbooks.

As a former catering sales manager in the hotel industry & a current member of the Perfect Wedding Guild of Houston, she is kept up to date with the latest trends from design, décor, and style within the wedding industry.  She also focuses on ethnically diverse weddings in our growing international market especially in the Houston area.  Audrey’s training includes but not limited to instruction in planning and directing multi-cultural weddings, various religious ceremonies, and interfaith marriages.  Audrey is also perfect for that budget conscience bride and can assist in budgeting, planning, etiquette, vendor negotiation, menu planning, design, and contract reviews of local Houston wedding vendors.

Equipped with a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from the prestigious Conrad N. Hilton of Hotel & Restaurant located at the University of Houston, she can make your wedding a reality and not just a dream.  From party favors to chocolate fantasies let Events by Audrey make it happen.

Let Events by Audrey assist in the wedding/event planning part and guide you through the most successful event yet!

Creating inner peace with every event!

For more information, please contact Audrey Hu-Gonzalez directly at 281-261-8421 or e-mail her at  You can also check her website at  Please keep this information on file as Audrey is well qualified to discuss current wedding trends, budget considerations, and much much more that may be of interest to your readers.

Happy Planning!

|o| Simply Frank |o|
Wedding DJ in Houston

Why does my DJ need Liability Insurance?

DJ in Houston with Liability Insurance

Why does my DJ need Liability Insurance? That’s a question that you, as the bride, groom or person looking for a DJ need to cover before you begin your search for your DJ. The simple answer is…

DJ Liability Insurance covers a DJ for any damages a member of the public may be awarded as a consequence of injury or damage to them or their belongings caused by the DJ or his/her equipment. It also covers legal costs & other expenses to do with defending any claim.

In short, the liability insurance covers the DJ in case of an accident caused by his equipment. With so much equipment there is a chance that someone will trip and fall and seriously get injured. Nowadays, you don’t know if that person is going to turn around and sue you, the person that invited him to your party. Without the DJ’s liability insurance, there is a chance you will have to pay for those costs.

FHP Entertainment is one of the few DJ companies in Houston that carries liability insurance. Not very many venues in Houston require for the DJ to carry liability insurance. One that does is Ashton Gardens, in North Houston. They will not allow any vendors to go and do business there without liability insurance. If your DJ or any other wedding vendor not insured and does not get a third party certificate for Ashton Gardens, they will not allow them in there. We are fully covered to be able to perform and entertain there.

So, don’t only ask your vendor if they have Insurance, ask to see the insurance certificate and make sure it’s valid and not expired!

Happy Planning!

Francisco H. Perez
Your Professional, Bilingual DJ in Houston

The Top Venues and Reception Halls in Houston… I have visited


I’ve compiled a list of all the reception halls, or venues, that I have entertained (DJ’d) at in the Last 2 years. Some of these reception halls are hard to find online and you will have a hard time finding them if you do a search on google. It has taken me longer to find their information online than it has to make the list.

  • Agusta Pines
    ph. (832) 381-1000

  • Ashton Gardens
    (We meet their strict insurance requirements) Ph. (281)362-0011

  • Bella Terraza
    ph. 713-706-3111

  • Marbella Reception Hall
    ph. (713) 926-7265

  • Pine Forest Country Club
    ph. (281) 463-0900

  • Houston’s Ballrooms
    ph. (281) 893-5146


  • Rice Lofts
    (Downtown Houston)
    ph. (713) 227-7423


  • Kim Son Downtown
    ph. (713) 222-2790


  • Kim Son 59 South
    ph. (281) 242-3500


  • Imperial Recepcion Hall
    ph. (713) 697-8500


  • Alden Hotel
    ph. (832) 200-8800


  • Houston National Golf Course
    (281) 304-1400


  • Walden on Lake Houston Country Club
    (281) 852-3551


  • Brady’s Landing
    (713) 923-9488


  • Chateau Crystale Ballroom
    (713) 532-4068


  • Garten Verein Pavilion
    (409) 762-3933

  • Hotel Derek
    ph. (713) 961-3000

  • The Petroleum Club
    ph. (713) 659-1431
  • Happy Planning!

    Francisco H. Perez
    Your Bilingual Wedding DJ in Houston

    The Holidays and DJing

    This is a busy time of year, I am only a one man team and I am as busy as can be. Sometimes I wish there was two of me 🙂 I usually try to post one article per week minimum and lately I just cannot find the time to do so. This is probably the busiest month of the year for us entertainers. Last week I had a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday event. F

    rom my high ranking in the search engines (DJ In Houston: Google), I’ve had calls for more work on those days but obviously there is no way I can take those other events unless I train somebody to help me out and they would end up doing those events. It’s a thought as the new years is just around the corner. I think that for last Saturday, December the 8th, I’ve had about 6 people call and inquire about it. I actually booked 3 and 2 canceled. Of course I did not book them all at once, I would book 1, then they canceled, and the second one also booked and canceled. The third one was the charm 🙂

    I’ve got a couple of articles that I am working on trying to finish. One will be an informative article on wedding websites as they grow in popularity. The other is aimed for those of you who have been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies for your friend or family member’s upcoming wedding.

    Till later, enjoy and..

    Happy Planning!

    Francisco H. Perez
    Your Bilingual Holiday DJ in Houston

    Looking for a DJ in Houston, TX ?

    This is a follow up to my last post that lists many professional DJs in Houston Texas, where I give you a list of Professional DJ Companies that serve the Houston area and a brief description of their service.That article is pretty popular with the search engines, and even though it is popular, I did not place my website first (although everyone asks my why), I placed it in alphabetical order.
    However, I just came to realize that article might not be helping you out, if you are looking for a DJ that is close to your home or business.

    This is where this article will help you out.
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