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Here is a short clip of just a few of our recent events where we provided our beautiful LED Uplights and Monogram Design.

Enjoy and Happy Planning!!
Elegante Entertainment
DJ in Houston, Francisco H. Perez

Uplighting in Houston on Youtube

Valerie and Cristian at the Gallery 09-24-2011

Elegante Entertainment at the Gallery

Photography By Quy Tran of Quy Tran Photography

Facebook Page: Quy Tran Photography

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Francisco H. Perez
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Elegante Entertainment DJ Iphone Photos

I have decided to upload some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken at my events that were taken with my iPhone.

Just a warning, the quality may not be the best!

Special Moments Venue Open House 01-18-2011

Special Moments Open House 01-18-2011

Egyptian and American Wedding Reception I Intercontinental Airport Marriott

Egyptian and American Wedding (Intercontinental Marriott)
Egyptian and American Wedding Reception at the Intercontinental Marriott
Intercontinental Marriott - DJ Point of View
Intercontinental Marriott | Elegante Entertainment Set UP | Modern, Elegante Set up

Mexican & Salvadorian Wedding Reception | Firefighters Relief Fund

The Firefighters Relief Fund Wedding Reception | Small Uplighting Package | Monogram | Elegante DJ Setup
The Firefighters Relief Fund Wedding Reception | Elegante's Monogram Projection
Firefighters Relief Fund | Elegante Entertainment's Elegant DJ Set Up!
Elegante Entertainment | Dancing at full force | Point of view from the DJ

Elegante Entertainment | Small Uplighting Package at the Firefighters Relief Fund

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Monogram Designs in Houston

Last year, in July, I wrote an article about Gobo Designs to inform you, my readers, about Gobos and Monograms as well as to provide a few ideas to help you get started in the design of your own Monogram, if you wanted to do it on your own.

What is a Monogram?

A Monogram is not the same thing as a Gobo, however,  a Monogram can be used in a Gobo.

Sounds confusing? Well let me see if I can clear it up a bit.

A Monogram is the actual design that you use for your wedding.

A Gobo, is the metal plate that goes inside a special light, that is used to project your monogram.

Clear as Mud? 🙂 Good!

Why another Post on Monogram Design?

Well I’m glad you asked, we have been designing Monograms for our brides since of Late ’08 (Rhymes.. lol… Sorry I’m easily amused.) As I mentioned in the introduction to this post, in July of last year I did a blog post with a compilation of most of the Monograms that I had designed up to that point. To be honest, my main goal was to rank high on the search engines for Gobo Designers in Houston in Google and the other Search engines.

Well That worked extremely, extremely well… I was able to expand my business and offer the Monograms to some of the brides whom already had a DJ and even up lighting and all they wanted was to have their Monogram displayed at their event.

Anyway, this post was inspired by a call I got today from a bride who all she wanted was for me to help her design her monogram… I am more than glad to be able to help her and what she does with her monogram after we get it designed, then that’s up to her… So thank you for calling Michelle! 🙂

To our readers:

Whether you are a Bride researching Monograms, a Quinceanera looking for something different for your event, a birthday guy/gal looking for a way to put your stamp on your party, or another DJ trying to get into the whole Monogram Design world, feel free to be inspired by our designs and come up with your own!

So to continue with the last post on Gobo Design, I will put a few more of the Elegante Entertainment’s Monogram Designs for the second part of 2009 and the early part of 2010.

Monogram Designs in Houston


And if you can tell, there was one Monogram in particular that has been very popular… I really surprised myself, most people who call me ask if I can do that design for their event… If you are in the market for someone to design your Monogram, feel free to shoot as an email or give us a call!

Happy Planning!
|o| Simply Frank |o|

Elegant Quinceanera Uplighting left Houston Father Speechless

Here’s why…

On September 5th, 2009 I provided my services at a Quinceanera in the beautiful and Elegant Nassau Bay Hilton. The room by itself is very elegant and has a great view of the water. So the place was set, all I had to do is come in with my up lighting and place it strategically around the room.

The family was very close and very positive, just by meeting them you could get a sense of how great their family values were.  That’s important because you, as a wedding vendor, rarely see the whole family at the initial and every other meeting that you have with the clients…

Well on my previous post I provided pictures of the uplighting at the Nassau Bay Hilton for the Quinceanera, and although the pictures do a good job of providing a view of the elegance that these lights add to any event, I think video is the best way to portray that elegance and to get a great essence of the feeling that you get from attending an event where up lighting is provided.

So here is the reason the Quinceanera’s Father was speechless at the end of the event…

If you want to see the video in it’s full size, click on the video above or go to the Quinceanera Dances, Mix, and Uplighting in Houston video’s home page on Youtube.com

Happy Planning

|o| Simply Frank |o|
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