One Quinceanera to Remember

Houston DJ Shelby Quinceanera and WeddingDear Friend,

This weekends Quinceanera was by far the most memorable and enjoyable event I have ever performed at…

As with all my customers, I love to meet with them in person and help them get organized when it comes to their reception’s order of events. Two weeks before this event, I receive a call from the Quinceanera’s mom, Julie. As it turns out she still had no idea on how to organize their reception and she was very worried. I told her I would gladly help her and I would take the responsibility of making sure it came out organized, flawless, and elegant.

We made plans to meet and organize the event.

When I arrived at their house, quite a few members of the family were present waiting to meet their DJ (Me) and tell me exactly what kind of music they wanted played and not played, etc… Here I thought I was only there to help them get organized :).

Two hours later we were set. I organized this one pretty much the same way I do most quinceaneras; (This is so simple, I always do it for free).

  1. Presentation of the Court of Honor
  2. Presentation of the Grandparents
  3. Presentation of the Escort of Honor
  4. Presentation of the Parents
  5. Present the Quinceanera
  6. Father Daughter dance (Performed by Grandfather)
  7. Escort of Honor cuts in half way
  8. Coronacion (Crowning of the Quinceanera)
  9. Ultima Muneca (Last Doll)
  10. Regalo Sorpresa (Surprise Gift)
  11. Surprise Dance
  12. Open Dance

Of course, every quinceanera is slightly different and the only two things missing on this one are the cutting of the cake and the toast, which they wanted done later on in the night. With the help of Julie and Shelby (our gorgeous Quinceanera) we got everything organized and a list of their favorite songs in just under 2 Hours.

Ok, so why all this background? I just wanted to give you general information on how to organize your quinceanera. It is this simple, I have used this simple recipe to organize hundreds of quinceaneras, and they all have been successful. The hardest part for all people is making a decision. Once you reach a decision, the rest is all downhill.

What made this Quinceanera so Memorable
First, this reception was held at Lu Cero Reception Hall. Chris and Max are great people to work with and I enjoy their company. They also have the people’s best interest in mind, I recommend their ballroom and their service.

Second, their presentation came out flawless. They trusted my ability to coordinate their reception and I was rewarded with a warm thank you and a warm hug from Shelby. Her exact words were, “thank you for doing all of this for me.”

Third, I was their Disc Jockey (well … what can I say :) …it’s true ). and

Finally, the turnout was very high. Lu Cero Ballroom holds 500 Guests, I can honestly say they went over their limit on that night. This made for a great atmosphere and all I had to do is feed them a small amount of energy and they ran with it. The dance floor was jam packed all throughout the entire night and their request were met in time to keep the energy moving. (Imagine trying to keep up with request of over 200 teenagers and at the same time keeping the adults happy). Even though this was the most exhausting night (physically), it was also the most enjoyable and memorable night I ever had.

The Purpose of this writing
Well as you can probably imagine, the reason I write this article for two reasons.

Number 1
To Inform you how I organized this particular Quinceanera. I get so many questions on how to organize a Quinceanera’s reception. This organizing and taking the responsibility to make it come out right is included in all my packages. Here they are, in case you have not seen them (Here)

Number 2
To share the fun and enjoyment we had that night. So i want to thank all the Shelby, Lucy, and students of MacArthur High School in North Houston Texas for the wonderful time we had that night.

Francisco H. Perez
FHP Entertainment
1 (877) 284-3612

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Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

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  1. Shelby - April 3, 2006 at 4:58 pm Reply

    Francisco I want to thank you for making my quinceanera very special. Thank you for helping me with my mix and for making the court of honor behave. My family and I were a little worried about how the presentation would come out at first, but It came out better than we expected.


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