The New Camera

On my last post, Smile For the Camera, I mentioned I ordered a new camera for taking picture at my events and personal use. It’s a Digital SLR Nikon D50 and I received it last week. I’ve got to say, its a nice investment. And I really got to say that for 2 reasons. First, because I have to justify spending that amount of money on a family camera and second because it really is worth the investment :) . The pictures are clearer, the colors are vivid; it feels like you are holding a portal into the past when looking at the pictures. It’s that good!

In the first hour of receiving the camera, I believe I took well over 250 pictures playing with all the settings, adjusting the lens manually, using the auto-focus features, using the different built in modes, changing out the lenses, flash on, flash off, playing with the ISO settings, and so on. It has many different options and of course I had to compare what the difference was from all the modes. The Result: Minimal differences, but different nevertheless.

So, I set up my DJ equipment in the living room and decided to do some practicing and to take pictures of the different combinations of speakers I have. I could do all of them except for one, and only because space was an issue. It’s kinda hard since my living room really isn’t that big to begin with and the system I wanted to set up is to accommodate halls that hold anywhere around 500 – 700 people.


DJ Setup #1: for 25-75 Guests


DJ Setup #2: 75-150 Guests


DJ Setup #3: 75-300 Guests

The colors of the brick just come to life and the speakers, even though there was minimal lighting, come out very clear and showing every detail. The only touch up I did to these pictures on the computer was to add my company logo and reduce the size. So the actual pictures look even better.

Happy Planning!

Francisco H. Perez
Your Bilingual Houston Wedding DJ

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