Guest of Honor Arrival and Grand Introduction at different times.

Coordinating Work to be doneWhen planning an important event, such as a Wedding, Quinceañera, or any other formal event, planning and organization are key to making sure everything flows smoothly. However, knowing the guest’s reaction to a certain action or event can also help you plan something as important as the grand introduction and/or the guest arrival correctly.

A situation happened in August, at one of my Quinceañeras, where they brought an outstanding Master of Ceremonies, Councilman Adrian Garcia, who did an wonderful job of performing the Role of Master of Ceremonies. However, the situation came that there was going to be a formal introduction after Dinner, at let’s say 8:00 pm. The Quinceañera was scheduled to arrive at, let’s say 7:00 pm. From yeas of experience, I realized that once the Quinceañera and her court of Honor arrived at the hall, there was going to be a natural reaction for people to applaud her as she arrives.

The initial plan was to let her walk in and not say anything, so I suggested we come up with a way of letting the guests know that the Quinceañera had arrived but without doing the formal presentation. Councilman Adrian Garcia came up with the best way to put it and right as she arrived he made the following comment (paraphrased, not exactly word for word):

“Ladies and Gentlemen, If I could have your attention for just one second, Please give a round of applause to our Quinceañera, Monica Barrera who is making her way down the red carpet with her Court of Honor!”

Which, naturally followed with cheers and applause.

Right after, he made the following announcement:

“There will be a formal introduction of our Quinceañera and her court of Honor following dinner, Thank you”

Why not do the Grand Introduction at that time?

Quinceañeras are typically organized in that manner, and it has become tradition to introduce the Quinceañera and her court of Honor following Dinner. Additionally, everyone, including the Court of Honor, is hungry and ready to get some food into their stomach.

There are times when the Grand Introduction is done after Dinner because of necessity.

At Weddings, where the Bride and Groom arrive early and/or there is a small amount of guests present, the Bride and Groom usually chose to do their Formal Introduction, after dinner. This is rare, but it does happen, and it happens more with Hispanic weddings if the majority of the guests are running behind. So rather than walk into a half full room and get a small amount of applause as their are announced for the first time as Husband and Bride, they chose to walk into a full room where everyone can be presented with the New Mr. and Mrs.

Happy Planning!

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“Simply Frank”
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