DJ Renatto Moderato Youtube Page Showin Our Up Lighting

A few weeks ago, April 24th, 2010 to be exact, we were asked to provide up lighting, at a Reception hall on 290 and Little York.  We covered one wall with the upl ights and the background of the bride and groom’s area.

It was a small up light installation, but we used our new LED Uplight Bars, which cover approximately 3 feet, each, so it’s more of a wall washing uplight effect.

Well, we didn’t dj the event, it was another DJ, whom seems to be offered with the hall. A couple of days ago, i run into a youtube video, and the DJ at the event is now offering uplighting, but using our uplights, our work, and hard work…

Does this seem fair to you?

I don’t plan on taking any legal action, I did post a comment on his youtube video, which he has deleted, and all it stated was that, those were my lights, and they belonged to me… I didn’t ask him to take the video down nor did I ask him to do anything else.

I mean if you do up lighting, don’t you think that you should be showing your own work on your website and youtube page?

Above is the Video that was posted  and below is a direct link to the video on his youtube account:
Elegante Entertainment Uplighting Work being borrowed by another DJ

And below is his website where he offers our work as his service…
Elegante Entertainment Up Lighting Work being borrowed by other DJ Company

Why do I write this…

Well, for a couple of reasons… #1 to show off our work to those whom are interested in our services, and #2 to send traffic to the youtube page of DJ Renatto… After all he is displaying our work…

I know that that video will be the highest viewed video he has on his youtube account, and if he is ethical, he will give credit where credit is due.

So feel free to visit his website, or his youtube page, and by all means watch the video… It’s a nice job we did with the uplighting..

Happy Planning!

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  1. CD Mann - October 6, 2010 at 3:10 pm Reply

    Frank, I am also a Professional DJ and had something similar happen to me.

    I did a benefit golf outing for a little girl who had needed many surgeries. I use my equipment, wireless microphones, music, emcee’d the event, all at no cost. The last hour of the event we held a chinese auction. I need a hand so one of the local TV anchormen gave me a hand. Later that evening as I watched the local news about the event. The gave all the credit to the anchorman for providing music and emceeing the event. They made it sound like he was the only one involved with putting it on. He took all the credit. They did not even mention me at all. The family did write me a Thank you letter.

    Not a lot I could do about it.

    CD Mann

  2. BL Engineer - February 22, 2012 at 8:59 pm Reply

    Wonderful blog. This has assisted me learn something new.

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