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I just got off the phone with Maria of Dougie Jam Productions, LLC in Connecticut. It was a real pleasure talking to her about the way we do Quinceañeras here in Houston. She was very insightful and even gave me some ideas on providing a way to educate other Houston DJs or even other DJs around the Nation on how to properly run a Quinceañeara’s reception.

Maria mentioned that in Connecticut, Quinceañeras were not as big as they are here in Houston, Texas, Florida or California. They are just becoming popular over there because of the popular MTV show, My Super Sweet 16. So if my planning information, or my Sample Quinceañera Itinerary helped her get her foot in the door of doing high end Quinceañeras in Connecticut, I will be very pleased.

It’s amazing how much Prices and Wedding Packages vary from State to State. Her wedding DJ Prices average in the $1,400 price range, where my Highest Wedding Packages is $1,400. My average Price range is in the $800 price range for a wedding, and in the $600-700 price range for a well planned Quinceañera.

C’mon Houston, I know we can do better!!! ;)

BTW, if you want to download a copy of the Sample Quinceañera Planning Itinerary, the link is below…


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