Uplighting at the Hilton in Nassau Bay for a Quinceanera

I had the opportunity to return the Nassau Bay Hilton and work with Margo and her staff this weekend. They went with our all inclusive package and added an extra Monogram Gobo Projector…

It was a fabulous party, there was a blessing of the Quinceanera right after she was introduced into the ballroom.

Following the Blessing there was dinner and Mariachis who played some great music for everyone…

After the Mariachi there was some Valet Folklorico… That was very entertaining as well as very educational about where the dances originated from…

Finally some dancing and some great fun music for everyone…


We provided our LED uplights and surrounded the room with as many as we could strategically place. These are Intelligent LED lights and can be controlled directly from our computer. So I created a couple of quick programs so that we could have the LED Uplights changing colors subtly during dinner and have them go with the music during the dance portion. I guess I should let the pictures do the talking, but it really created an atmosphere that took the event to a whole new level. The guests really took well to the lighting and a lot of them really thought it was cool and innovative to have the walls changing color right before their eyes. It really helped add that WOW factor to the event.

Uplighting Pictures


Monogram Gobo Design

Our all inclusive package comes not only with uplighting but also with the Monogram Gobo Projector and the Monogram GOBO design. We designed a very modern gobo for the Quinceanera, Erika, and we wanted it to show up on the wall and look spectacular, almost like if it were a designer name and we came up with the design, pitched it to the quinceanera and her parents and they loved it… I think it came out really well and everyone was very impressed by how it displayed on the wall. Additionally we added 2 wall washing uplights and it just added it an extra touch of elegance to the presentation. We had a bit of trouble focusing the camera on the wall Monogram Display but I think you can get the idea.

Monogram Gobo Pictures


Overall, the event went extremely well, it was a lot, a lot of work to get it to look that beautiful, but at the end it was well worth it and you can see why. Our lighting is a one of a kind and it truly is unique. Not to mention it will add to your decor that WOW factor that you are looking for.

Happy Planning

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