How a non-Wedding DJ can ruin your reception

You’ve heard the rummors…

You’ve heard the DJ stories…

Hopefully, you have not ever experienced it…

If you have, then you know exactly what I’m talking about…

Non-Professionally trained wedding Dj’s that ruin a wedding!

This weekend, I took the weekend off to spend with my family. We decided to attend a family event, which just happened to be a wedding. Let me just tell you, it felt like the looongest wedding I had ever attended, and I am talking about feeling  this by 8:00pm. People don’t like to attend weddings because weddings are boring, they are not properly entertained, and because they are not wow’d from the moment they arrive at the reception venue. Their sensory system is not impressed at all. If all their senses are not properly entertained, they easily lose interest and now feel like they are imprisoned for the rest of the night. That’s how I felt Saturday night.

Now, I can’t talk about the sense of smell, the sense of sight, or the sense of touch, but I can talk to you about the sense of hearing and taste. But for my audience’s purpose I will concentrate about the sense of sound.

Music is a stimulant; it can stimulate you to feel relaxed, hyper, active, etc… It also helps you pass time when you are just sitting there and have no one to talk to for short periods of time. You start noticing the background music and you tend to find yourself enjoying something you would normally never enjoy. Not to mention, music sets the mood of a room, or an audience.

When we walked into the reception area, the first thing we noticed was that there was no music. Now since I am a DJ I was expecting to hear some music, my only curiosity was the type of music that would be played. Well, there was none, just people mumbling like they were at a subway, at a park, at a noisy classroom right before the teacher walks in, etc… It did not feel like we were attending a wedding, it felt more like we were just at an everyday place you don’t really want to be, but have to.

I feel that the background music, even if it’s something you really don’t particularly hear on a day to day basis, would have added a bit of an ambiance and would put you at a wedding reception, surrounded by close friends and family.

Another thing that I feel having no music did was, it separated the groom’s friends and family from the bride’s friends and family. I felt it created like a dual, a separation, a distance. Like if they were intruders in our personal event. OK maybe I’m stretching it, but it did feel like that. I guess I don’t see that too much at the weddings I attend, but I know that if you put some jazzy beat, some classical background music, some romantic melodies, or something smooth, it will relax all of your sense and put you more at ease to trust those strangers. Again, this is my opinion of what happened that night.

So here are 10 ways that a non-professional wedding dj can ruin your wedding, without him even knowing it.

  1. We will start with the music. They don’t play any music during the dinner/reception hour. Uggh, annoying… boring… unprofessional!!
  2. They don’t find out what kind of music the bride and groom like beforehand, so they play what they are used to: All night loooong: During Dinner, During Cocktails, During Dancing. A big no no…
  3. They don’t inform the audience of what is about to happen, what is happening, and what to expect. What just happened? ever hear that? or What’s going on over there?
  4. They dress inappropriately. How embarrassing is it to have someone represent you in an unprofessional manner? Shame on you!
  5. They do not announce your bridal party when asked to. They are the bride and groom’s best friends, they want the bridal party to be recognized for their time spent with them through the planning stages, they want to guests to know they are important people in their lives. When the DJ did not announce them, I saw the bride burst out in tears. SAD… you paid for that… very sad…
  6. They do not have an itinerary to help the bride and groom run and organize the wedding. (no that is not the wedding planner’s job, especially when one was not hired, and no that is not the bride and groom’s job to make one up, it’s up to the DJ if there is no wedding planner present!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Come on!!! Evolve already!
  7. They don’t find out what type of music BOTH sides of the family like to dance.
  9. They play unedited, inappropriate music. It’s a wedding, not a night club.
  10. They disrespect, make fun of, your guests over the microphone. Ditto!

Obviously, anyone who does ALL these things, should never be invited to a wedding let a lone be asked to MC and DJ yours.

Now the DJ at this particular wedding did not do all these, he did not even do half of these. But with two or three things that he did do, it made it seem like a long, enjoyable wedding where everyone was just sitting there looking at each other wondering: When is this going to get good?

This wedding reminded me how the music is an important-vital part to any wedding reception.

I hope this helps you AVOID an un-enjoyable evening at your wedding reception.

Happy Planning!

DJ Francisco
Professional Bilingual Wedding DJ in Houston

About the author: Simply Frank

Francisco Perez has been a Professional Wedding DJ in the Houston Area Since 1999 which has allowed him to grow into a leader in the community. Now he is sharing his wisdom with informative posts about the industry. Weddings are his passion because they are centered around LOVE and commitment that two people make to each other for the rest of their lives. The name Simply Frank describes his style perfectly, Simple and Frank or Simply Frank

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  1. Henry - September 10, 2008 at 11:04 am Reply

    Hi Francisco,

    Very interesting and humorous article!

    thanks for the tips!

    Fellow STC member

  2. fhperez - September 10, 2008 at 11:16 am Reply

    Thank you Henry.

    It is Humorous, but sad at the same time.

  3. Lori - September 10, 2008 at 3:40 pm Reply

    You’re absolutely Correct! A DJ can absolutely make or break a wedding. We recently attended one with Downtown Harris… and he was the best I’ve seen. Thanks for the post… and the great advice.

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